About Technical Repair Center

Apart from the basic level support we shloud not need advanced equipment or highly structured infrastructure but for the level3 and level4 repair need advanced level equipment and infrastucture. We at ECS do offer advanced level support to ensure you with best of our services. We have our own topnotch infrastructure providing Chip Level Repair services with adherence to international standard. We offer most advanced equipment supported by highly qualified and well experienced experts.

Also ECS have setup of Class 100 & Class 1000 Cleanroom facility of total 2000 sq. ft. at Ahmedabad. In ECS can repair almost all kind of LCD\LED products weather it is desktop monitor or notbook Panel or big size TV of any size(7" to 65").

After a long usage of various parts of LCD or LED it may damage or may cause problems like in Panel, inverter or Backlight, Our technical team can repair and restore all major problems with your LCD\LED Products.The team can also repair LCD\LED defects like scratches on polarizer film, vertical and/or horizontal error line and/or blocks, blurring, screen whiteing, darkeing etc.

ECS have more than 6000 sq. ft. of total space spread across offering preeminent amenities. ECS has contract with Myung Information Technology Co. Ltd., 21 years old a global leading korean company for LCD\LED, HDD repaing and SSD data recovery. ECS has successfully served some of the famous brands like Wipro, Zenith, Toshiba, Sharp and others till date.

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Why ECS?

  • With a view to provide global standard of service experience, we have linked a contract with "Myung Information Technology Co. Ltd.", a leading korean company for LCD & HDD repaing.
  • Full equipped L3-L4 repair facilities at Ahemdabad
  • State of the art research Center
  • ESD safe working environment
  • Highest quality check standard
  • Committed to industry best TAT and recovery ratio
  • Limited warranty on repaired parts and components
  • Resale of ECS certified used/refurbished matchines
  • Qualitative testing, cleaning and packaging of DOA machines
  • Highly satisfied channel partner newtwork
  • Commited to the safe living environment by reducing the e-waste and maximizing usability of IT
  • Products by reusing, refurbishing, reducing and recycling
  • Full setup of Class 100 & Class 1000 Cleanroom facility of total 2000 sq. ft. at Ahmedabad.
  • Repair All kind of LCD\LED panel in any size from 7" to 65" or any Resolution ranging from 1024*768 to 3840*2400
  • When an LCD inverter is going bad and need to be replaced, the light to the monitor can either go out altogether, go out after a brief period of usage, or flicker on and off; the much dimmer image can sometimes still be seen on the screen.ECS has expert to resolved the issue.
  • Replacing the CCFL backlight lamp on LCD screen is a lot more difficult then replacing an inverter. This is very delicated opertation. CCFL is an extremely small fluorescent lamp and it must be handled with extra caution. We do offer CCFL Backlight replcament service.
  • Full equipped Level3-Level4 repair facilities at Ahemdabad and Highest quality check standard and Well trained, Qualified expert engineers and technicians
  • ECS offer Limited warranty on repaired parts and components


ISO - 27001 and ISO - 9001 : 2008 Certified Full equipped Level3-Level4 repair Center at Ahemdabad.

Repair & Service Supports

  • Part level repair
  • Volume PCBA rework and repair
  • BGA, SMD, QFP, LGT Chip rework
  • Main-board circuit level repair (CMOS, BIOS, TR, Condenser, Circuit, Chip, etc
  • Main connector repair (LAN port, USB port, Power connector, Audio port, Display port, etc.)
  • Memory(Circuit and chip)
  • LCD unit ( BLU, Back out, Murra, Whitening, Blure, etc.)
  • Adaptor repair and battery refill

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